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Introducing a new concept in handling and securing 19" rack mounted equipment: the Piton Rack Handle. This high quality assembly provides handles and captive fasteners for your rack-mount instruments.

The Piton Rack Handle has a high-strength molded design with integrated screws that secure your enclosure to any equipment rack. These handles mount outboard of the front panel space with supplied hardware: no special panel prep is required.

The Piton Rack Handle has clean styling and excellent ergonomics. It is manufactured with high grade materials and is EIA-310, RoHS, and NEBS compliant. It is well-suited for a variety of markets including Datacom, Telecom, Storage, Pro Audio, Broadcast, and Test Equipment.
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QFN V3200
Arnouse SR-60
Zinwave Hub
Zinwave Hub


  • 1U, 2U, and 3U sizes availabe for .059-.375" panel thicknesses
  • High strength, black, ABS/PC polymer
  • Captive #10-32 screws have EIA-310 spacing to work with all racks
  • Clean, modern styling with generous finger clearance
  • NEBS compliant UL94 V-0 flammability rating
  • Low Out-Gassing Noryl versions available (.43% TML, .06% CVCM).
  • Mount on equipment ears, saving valuable front panel space
  • No press-fitting or swaging required; just countersunk holes
  • Single part no. kit simplifies documentation, procurement, and kitting
  • Can be used in non-rackmount designs
  • Designed in California; patent pending
Codan Stratus
RF Synthesizer
RF Synthesizer
Textron Systems
Textron Systems


  • The Piton Rack Handle gives your product a rugged, customized look, differentiating it from competitors using instrumentation handles.
  • The high-strength design facilitates moving heavy, awkward equipment through production, shipping and installation.
  • This solution gives your customers stainless steel fasteners, captive to your product, simplifying rack mounting. No more lost or mismatched screws.
  • Captive fasteners are integral to the handle, eliminating the cost of press-fitting or swaging separate captive fastener assemblies.
  • The Piton Rack Handle mounts on the outer edges of the front panel, preserving enclosure volume and front panel space; a key benefit where rack and floor space are at a premium.
  • The product is supplied as a kit with 2 handles, 4 captive screws and 4 mounting screws: the single part number kit reduces the cost of documentation, procurement, kitting and assembly.
  • Can be used with subracks where no fixed front panel exists.
  • Because the handle works with standard EIA-310 front panel mounting slots, it can be added to existing designs and products.
  • #12, M5, and M6 captive screws available.
  • Replaceable, reusable and recyclable.
  • The Piton Rack Handle is available with quantity price breaks at 50, 100, and 500 kits.

Crazy Strong!
Rack Handle Tensile Strength
240lbs: No Problem


  • Order one kit for each rack-mounted enclosure. A kit contains 2 handles, 4 handle-mounting screws and 4 captive screws.
  • See PDF data sheets for mounting hole pattern for handles. Each handle requires two countersunk thru holes.
  • If your front panel is more than .25" thick, counterbore the handle mounting holes as shown on the data sheets.
  • There are multiple captive screw lengths available. This is to accommodate your front panel thickness and allow proper mounting with any rack; regardless whether the rack has recessed captive nuts or tapped rails. See data sheets for part numbers.
  • When attaching handles, first fasten with plastite screws, then thread #10 captive screws thru handles.
  • 4U enclosures: consider using 3U handles. Mount the 3U handles .25" or .875" below the centerline of your 4U panel. Drawing available on request.
  • Handles can be mounted from front with #8 or #10 machine screws
  • 3D STEP files available on request.
  • See our product development services for complete chassis design.

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